The essence of Italy: Naples and the Amalfi Coast

Between southern lights, history, romance and Dolce Vita

The essence of Italy: Naples and the Amalfi Coast

Price from : 1200 €
Ideal duration : 8 days –
7 nights

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From Sorrento to Salerno, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful coasts in Italy, Europe and probably the world. Steep mountains slope down to the Tyrrhenian Sea, where, according to Homer, the hero Odysseus once met the Sirens… In this landscape worthy of ancient mythology, a narrow, majestic road leads to Amalfi and Ravello, villages perched like eagles’ nests between sea and sky. Wander through the ancient city of Pompeii, renowned for its amazing preservation, have lunch on the island of Capri or take a dip in a turquoise cove from your hotel perched on the rocks overlooking the sea. During this trip to Italy, let yourself be carried away by the seductive and exhilarating atmosphere of Naples and the Amalfi Coast…

You'll love...

  • Driving along one of the world’s most picturesque roads
  • The hustle and bustle and constant movement of Naples
  • Italian specialities by the water
  • Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of this region of Italy
  • The pleasant, traditional atmosphere of small villages
Voyage Naples Côte Amalfitaine Italie vacances séjour

Day 1 : Naples

Arrive from France by air. Set up in the center of Naples, in a charming and relaxing oasis in the city. A hotel dedicated to art and design that will dazzle you with its unique style. Thanks to its rich history, Italian cuisine and above all art and culture, Naples has a lot to offer. Visit impressive churches like the Duomo di Napoli, visit imposing castles in the heart of the city like the Castel Sant’Elmo on top of the Vomero hill. From here, you have a beautiful view of the city, the islands and the Phlegrean fields. Take a stroll around the piazza del plebiscito, the city’s largest square and a gathering place for all the locals.

Day 2 : Naples

For your 2nd day of trip in Italy, continue visiting this charming city full of character by walking through its old town, called Spaccanapoli, a 5 meter wide cobbled corridor, lined with large old houses, shops, bars and restaurants . This historic district is typical of Naples, a labyrinth of splendid palazzi, religious buildings and small squares that are bustling with life until late at night. Then head for the Sansevero Chapel Museum, one of the city’s most striking museums. From a magnificent veiled marble statue of Christ to mysterious anatomical machines, the museum houses an impressive collection of groundbreaking works of art by 18th-century Italian artists.

Voyage Naples Côte Amalfitaine Italie vacances séjour
Voyage Naples Côte Amalfitaine Italie vacances séjour

Day 3 : Herculaneum

Not far from downtown Naples, enter the archaeological site of Herculaneum. Smaller than its sister Pompeii, but nonetheless impressive, Herculaneum was also destroyed by the infamous eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Buried beneath a layer of lava and mud, it’s precisely because of this that the preservation of Herculaneum is so impressive. Herculaneum was a charming little Roman town in the Campania region, at the foot of the volcano Vesuvius. Some 4,000 inhabitants lived there, fishing, farming and making handicrafts. Today, this archaeological site is home to ancient mansions, luxurious mosaics and frescoes, as well as skeletons of victims with frightened emotion frozen on their faces.

Day 4 : Pompeii

Keeping with the theme, we take you a little further out from the outskirts of Naples to today’s infamous Pompeii. Pompeii’s ruins are vast, and it’s possible to explore many of the buildings that citizens of the time frequented daily, such as temples, the basilica, the forum, the baths and some luxurious homes adorned with frescoes and mosaics. During your visit, you’ll have the strange sensation of walking through a town that’s still inhabited, since most of the buildings and most of the decoration of the houses are still preserved. This evening, sleep halfway to your next day’s stopover, in a hotel delicately seated on the rocks overlooking the Bay of Naples, bathed in light and offering unrivalled views. Rest in your room with its relaxing and refined atmosphere before leaving for your trip to the Amalfi Coast the next day.

Voyage Naples Côte Amalfitaine Italie vacances séjour
Voyage Naples Côte Amalfitaine Italie vacances séjour

Day 5 : Sorrento

Welcome to the gateway to the Amalfi Coast, and one of its most important towns, Sorrento. Stroll through the town center, between Baroque churches, small shady squares with an authentic atmosphere and stores selling local produce, until you find your way to the Villa Comunale, offering breathtaking views of the coastline and the silhouette of the imposing Vesuvius on the horizon. Leave your luggage for the evening in a magnificent coastal villa, a former family home transformed into a charming hotel. The owners will do their utmost to make you feel at home and completely relaxed, right down to serving you home-made breakfast in your room.

Day 6 : Capri

This morning, take the 20-minute ferry to the island of Capri. An unmissable stopover in this region, Capri will transport you with its citrus scents, lush vegetation and relaxed, romantic atmosphere. Take a stroll around the Marina Grande harbor, climb to the top of the island for an impressive panorama of the mainland, lose yourself in the narrow, flower-filled streets of the town center and bask in the cool midday sun in the gardens. In the evening, take the ferry back to Amalfi. Settle into a 14th-century villa overlooking the bay, with its absolutely magical, relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy traditional cuisine, revisited old local recipes all concocted from seasonal local produce.

Voyage Naples Côte Amalfitaine Italie vacances séjour
Voyage Naples Côte Amalfitaine Italie vacances séjour

Day 7 : Ravello

Your week on the Amalfi Coast is already drawing to a close. Take a look at Amalfi this morning on your way to the nearby hilltop town of Ravello. Ravello is one of the most evocative destinations on the Amalfi Coast. It’s not as well known as Amalfi or Positano, yet this town hides some superb treasures to explore. From a height of 350 m, the town dominates the coastal road that leads from Maiori to Amalfi and, over the years, has enchanted writers and artists of all ages, including Boccaccio, Turner and many others. Visit the splendid villas Rufolo and Cimbrone, and don’t miss their idyllic hanging gardens overlooking the coast. For the last evening of your trip to Italy, enjoy the moment in a villa with an enchanting atmosphere, surrounded by lemon and fig trees with their intoxicating scent. You’ll enjoy a saltwater pool nestled in the rock and private access to the sea.


Day 8 : Return to France

Your trip to Italy is over! Fly back to France today.

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From €1,200/person (based on 2 people).

This price includes: direct return flights Paris-Naples, one piece of hand luggage per person, airport taxes and fuel surcharges, rental of a Volkswagen Golf or similar mid-size car, round-trip ferry between Sorrento and Capri, 7 nights in a double room in charming accommodation with breakfast.

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