The Globe Secret Adventure

Founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs and passionate globetrotters, Globe Secret is much more than a traditional travel agency.

Voyages sur-mesure vacances séjours

Globe Secret is an agency dedicated to helping discerning independent and international travelers find and book exciting and unusual places to travel in some of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating locations. The site features a growing collection of our favorite small hotels (under 30 rooms), guesthouses, retreats, eco-lodges, private rentals and unforgettable travel experiences, each personally visited by us or our correspondents.

Our ambition is to examine them with total honesty, lots of detail and lots of photos.

Each location is in some way unique, whether in its design, its natural setting, its owners or the activities on offer.
From jungle treehouses to historic palaces, we’ve put together a truly charming and eclectic range.

Our principle: if we don’t like it, we won’t offer it! Nor do we insist on a certain number of stars (with us, you won’t find bland chain hotels or large resorts), rather, all our locations offer a memorable experience. And we don’t choose our addresses on the basis of cost (which varies from €50 to €1,000 a night), but try to ensure that they are sensitive to local nature and culture, so that the environment doesn’t have to pay.

Voyages sur-mesure vacances séjours

The agency that takes you where others won't go

Voyages sur-mesure vacances séjours

Authentic Places, Unique Experiences

Rather than a tour operator, we are an independent agency, highly sought after for authentic travel and transparent service. We are in direct contact with accommodation owners and local correspondents. While offering impartial and free advice, we want to help our travellers escape the traditional holiday package!

The Globe Secret team


Over twenty years ago, he explored South America, discovering its secrets: its places and its people. Inspired by encounters and discoveries around the world, he has patiently catalogued all these unusual places to stay. The aim was to enable travelers to escape from standardized, soulless accommodations and stay in these incredible places with singular charm.

Everything that followed was born of this simple objective, and over 20 years later, it’s still what he does.

“It’s not written on any map, real places never are” (H. Melville).


Born into a family of frequent travelers, she has developed a keen sense of curiosity and freedom, and has now embarked on her own quest for authentic travel. For the past ten years, she has been exploring the world in her own way. As for her, she prepares her customers’ trips down to the last detail, with cheerfulness and open-mindedness, as a prelude to the journey ahead. His warm, sociable character makes for unique encounters and loyal friendships with the locals. For her, leaving is above all about observing people live, adapting, and returning home shaken and transformed!


A lifelong traveler, she quickly decided to combine her passion with her profession. With a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism, she has been working in the travel industry for over 10 years, with extensive field experience. A specialist in several destinations where she has lived (Egypt, Kenya, Australia), she loves to share the little nuggets she has unearthed on her travels. She joined Globe Secret in 2023, whose philosophy perfectly matches her vision of travel, and it’s with pleasure that she shares her experiences and advice for hand-crafted trips! A travel memory: realizing my dream of traveling thousands of kilometers aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway, across the largest country in the world (Russia), discovering vast natural landscapes and meeting extraordinary people!


With 20 years’ experience in travel agencies, she is passionate about the art of creating unique adventures. One of her unforgettable travel memories: waking up in the heart of the Wadi Rum desert after a Bedouin evening, surrounded by the magical silence of the desert and the natural beauty of a lunar landscape.


Driven since childhood by her desire for adventure and discoveries, she, thanks to her family, traveled extensively in Europe and elsewhere. Lover of the Mediterranean coasts or the vast expanses of Australia, she wants to share her passion with everyone those around her. Guided by this curiosity of the world and this passion that she has for people and their cultures, she decided to continue her post-baccalaureate studies in BTS Tourism on a work-study basis, and is welcomed for her apprenticeship at Globe Secret at the start of the 2023 school year. All her desire is simply to transmit the emotions that she was able to experience during her most beautiful journeys to those who want to get started.