Cook & Society Islands Lagoon

Explore crystal-clear lagoons, white sandy beaches and ancestral Polynesian culture

Cook & Society Islands Lagoon

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Ideal duration : 11 days –
10 nights

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Discover the jewels of the Pacific on a lagoon tour of the Cook and Society Islands. Follow in the footsteps of the Tubuai people and immerse yourself in the fascinating history of this region. Marvel at the spectacular white-sand beaches lining the crystal-clear waters of the lagoons, where you can relax and recharge your batteries in complete tranquillity. Soak up ancestral Polynesian culture as you discover local traditions, dances and arts. This trip offers a unique experience, combining natural beauty, cultural heritage and heavenly relaxation.

You'll love...

  • Following in the footsteps of the Tubuai
  • Spectacular white sand beaches
  • Ancestral Polynesian culture
  • The crystal-clear waters of the lagoons
Voyage Polynésie française vacances séjour voyage de noce

Day 1: Departure from Tahiti (Papeete)

Boarding on the Aranui between 7:00 and 9:00 am. You’ll be warmly welcomed by our Polynesian staff and get your bearings on the boat before the long journey to the Society Islands.

Day 2: Huahine, Society Islands

Just 15 minutes by plane from Bora Bora, and yet so far away, Huahine represents old Polynesia. Less visited than its eastern neighbor, this lush tropical Garden of Eden and its inhabitants have retained the warmth and simplicity that characterize Polynesians, most of whom have not been influenced by the modern world. Huahine is actually made up of two islands linked by a small bridge. To the north, Huahine Nui, or Greater Huahine, is home to the main village of Fare. The island boasts several marae, small museums displaying objects and relics found during excavations, stone fish traps, an ancestral method called “lazy fishing” and you can even find sacred eels with blue eyes. To the south, Huahine Iti, or little Huahine, although a little more rugged, offers picture-postcard scenery, magnificent white sandy beaches and a lagoon of varying shades of blue and green at the tip of the island.

Day 3: Raiatea, Society Islands

Raiatea is considered the cradle of Polynesian civilization. As the first Polynesian island to be settled by sailors, it was here that all migration to New Zealand, Hawaii and Easter Island began. Raiatea is home to the most spectacular marae in the Polynesian triangle, the 1,000-year-old Taputapuatea, an open-air temple now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered the spiritual center of all of Eastern Polynesia. From there, navigators ventured out to discover new lands. Mount Temehani, the island’s most sacred mountain, is home to the tiare apetahi, a flower found nowhere else in the world that blooms only at sunrise.

Day 4: Maupiti, Society Islands

Less visited but just as heavenly, the small island of Maupiti is located 40 km from Bora Bora. The main island, just 11 km², is surrounded by a shallow lagoon with translucent waters, and several motus form the coral reef. Isolated, Maupiti offers an authentic view of Polynesian life. Rich in archaeological sites, there are marae, petroglyphs and tombs dating back to around 850 BC. A hike to the summit of Mont Teurafaatiu offers unforgettable panoramic views of the lagoon below and Bora Bora in the distance.

Voyage Polynésie française vacances séjour îles de rêve
Voyage Polynésie française vacances séjour voyage de noce

Day 5: At sea

Take advantage of this day at sea to relax by the boat’s pool, or take part in one of our lectures or activities organized by our guides.

Day 6: Aitutaki, Cook Islands

An island paradise, Aitutaki has it all: magnificent white sand beaches and a turquoise lagoon surrounded by motus on the coral reef. According to legend, the island was created by Ru, who left Raiatea in the Society Islands to find new land, and many Aitutakians believe they are descended from this sea warrior. Today, they’re known for their charm, open-mindedness and hospitality. Whether relaxing on the beach, snorkeling in the translucent lagoon in search of colorful tropical fish and coral, or discovering the remains of an ancient past, Aitutaki offers the best of both worlds.

Day 7: Atiu, Cook Islands

Home to around 400 warriors, few places in the world are as unspoilt as Atiu. Over 8 million years old, Atiu, the third largest island in the Cook Islands, is a great playground for adventure lovers. Rich in culture and history, Atiu is an ecological paradise. The island boasts numerous limestone caves that are continually being carved out by the interaction of fresh and salt water. Life here is much the same as it was 25 years ago, offering a real insight into life on the island before…

Day 8: Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Rarotonga is the largest and most populous of the Cook Islands. Founded by Polynesians from French Polynesia around the 9th century, the link with Tahiti and its islands has remained strong ever since. Cook Islanders are a cosmopolitan blend of Western influence and ancient Polynesian heritage. There are many important archaeological sites, such as Arai Te Tonga, the most sacred marae (sites) of Rarotonga and the Ara Metua, a thousand-year-old inland road paved with basalt or coral slabs, which once surrounded the island and two-thirds of which still exists. Highland Paradise, sometimes known as the “lost village”, is today a cultural center made up of faithfully reconstructed old traditional structures, offering guided tours of the site, re-enactments and cultural events.

Day 9: At sea

Take advantage of this day at sea to relax by the boat’s pool, or take part in one of our lectures or activities organized by our guides.

Voyage Polynésie française vacances séjour voyage de noce
Voyage Polynésie française vacances séjour voyage de noce

Day 10: Bora Bora, Society Islands

Bora Bora. A name that evokes visions of paradise on Earth. A world-famous playground. For two days, the Aranui 5 will drop anchor opposite the village of Vaitape, where you’ll have plenty of time to discover how and why the island has earned such a well-deserved reputation. After a picnic at the paradisiacal Motu Tapu, you’ll set off to discover the Pearl of the Pacific.

Day 11: Return to Tahiti (Papeete)

This is the end of our trip. It’s time to say N?n? to your fellow passengers, the Polynesian staff and the Aranui guides.

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