Seaside marvels : Destination Northern Sardinia

Between raw beauty and subtle discoveries

Seaside marvels : Destination Northern Sardinia

Price from : 990 €
Ideal duration : 8 days –
7 nights

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Welcome to Sardinia. As the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is brimming with natural, cultural and heritage riches, and always has a secret to reveal. Head to its inland villages to immerse yourself in Sardinian culture, discovering its folklore and traditions that have remained linked to a past still so alive and present. Drive or hike along the wild Costa Paradiso and Costa Smeralda coasts and their sublime beaches. Savor, unwind and marvel, all in one magnificent week in the north of the country…

You'll love...

  • Abundant flora and fauna
  • Vibrant gastronomy
  • A unique, deeply-rooted culture
  • Absolutely idyllic beaches
Voyage Sardaigne Italie vacances séjour

Day 1: Olbia

Fly to Olbia from France and collect your car from the airport. Head for the city center for a short visit before starting your journey. Stroll through the pretty streets of Olbia, or take a stroll along the seafront. Then head north up the Costa Smeralda to reach your first accommodation. Spend the evening in a former stable surrounded by greenery, in a magical atmosphere carefully restored by the owners.


Day 2: Maddalena Archipelago

Take the boat this morning to discover the paradise islands of the Maddalena archipelago. Now a national park, the archipelago’s granite cliffs, idyllic beaches and crystal-clear waters make it an ideal setting for boat trips. During these two days, hop from island to island and be sure to discover the archipelago’s cultural heritage in the small surrounding villages.

Day 3: Maddalena Archipelago

Continue your discovery of the archipelago and its islands by observing its colorful fauna. In fact, the archipelago is a key stopover point for the majority of migratory seabirds in this part of Europe. Snorkel in the emerald coves, enjoy local specialities in a small village square, or opt for a hike for the best views of the area.


Day 4: Costa Paradiso

Today, we return to terra firma to explore Costa Paradiso. Head west and stop off at the region’s most beautiful beaches when the heat gets to you! You can also stop off at the postcard-perfect village of Castelsardo, perched on a hill overlooking the sea. A village that invites you to discover some well-hidden religious buildings and museums, as you stroll through its labyrinth of pedestrian streets and staircases. At the end of the road, find your accommodation for the night in the village of Sorso. A charming home run by passionate hosts who are always attentive to your needs, and who will serve you an excellent breakfast on their panoramic terrace in the morning.

Voyage Sardaigne Italie vacances séjour
Voyage Sardaigne Italie vacances séjour

Day 5: Stintino and La Pelosa

To the north of the Stintino peninsula lies Cape Falcone, a dream setting of crystal blue waters. Swim in the sparkling sea with a breathtaking view of the La Pelosa tower, tread the fine sand and enjoy the idyllic ambience… Here’s what awaits you on this Sardinian piece of land! Take advantage of Stintino’s other famous beaches and its gastronomic delights, all linked, of course, to fishing! Then return to your final accommodation, where you’ll stay for two nights, just outside the town of Alghero. A residence of magnetic charm set in the heart of a century-old olive grove, offering you the utmost privacy and comfort in authentic Sardinia.

Day 6 and 7: Alghero

Discover the town of Alghero, famous for its beautiful beaches and local culinary specialties. Take a tour of its walls before heading to the nearby Grotta di Nettuno, world-famous for its grandeur and beauty. They represent one of the most important geological wonders of the Mediterranean basin and will take you on a journey to another fabulous underground world…


Day 8: Departure from Alghero

Return your car today to Alghero airport before catching a plane back to France.

Voyage Sardaigne Italie vacances séjour

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From €990/person (based on 2 people).

This price includes: trip ticket Paris-Olbia and return ticket Alghero-Paris, airport taxes and fuel surcharges, rental of a Jeep Renegade 4×4 or similar SUV, round-trip ferry between Palau and the Maddalena archipelago, 7 nights in a double room in charming accommodations.

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