Amazon jungle and Trancoso treasures

Authentic Brazil, between jungle and beach

Amazon jungle and Trancoso treasures

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Discover the natural beauty of Brazil and the Amazon jungle. First of all, you can climb Corcovado to admire the breathtaking view over Rio de Janeiro. Afterwards, you can discover the wonders of the city, before setting off on an expedition into the Amazon jungle to play adventurer and discover the “Lung of the Earth”. You’ll have the opportunity to discover exceptional flora and fauna, observe wild animals and enjoy a unique experience in an unspoilt natural environment. Finally, you can relax on Trancoso’s beautiful beaches and enjoy the Brazilian way of life.

You'll love...

  • Climbing Corcovado
  • Sipping a caipirihna
  • Playing adventurer in the Amazon jungle
  • Discover the “lungs of the earth
  • Relax on the most beautiful beaches
Voyage Brésil Amazonie Rio de Janeiro vacances séjour

Day 1: Rio de Janeiro – Niteroi

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro! As soon as you arrive in Brazil, you’re already off exploring.

After crossing the President Costa e Silva bridge linking Rio and Niteroi, you’ll begin your visit with a stroll around the fort, from where you can enjoy views over Guanabara Bay and Sugar Loaf, its colossal guardian.

You’ll continue with a guided tour of the MAC, the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Finally, take a stroll to the Parque da Cidade for a breathtaking view of Rio de Janeiro, just across the bay.

Day 2: Botanical Gardens & Corcovado

Your second day in Brazil begins with the lush botanical gardens. It contains treasures of Brazilian and world flora in a regal setting. Your second stop is Tijuca National Park. Located in the heart of Rio, it is the world’s largest urban forest.

Finally, you’ll make your way to the top of Corcovado (700 m alt.) to meet the famous Christ the Redeemer. Once at the top, take time to appreciate the unique and enchanting panoramic view of the cidade maravilhosa.

Day 3: Rio

Your day begins with a visit to downtown Rio de Janeiro. In just a few minutes, you can go from a colossal avenue lined with imposing glass buildings to small, untouched streets filled with stalls and cheap stores. The architecture of Old Rio is reminiscent of the country’s colonial era.

You’ll then set off on a panoramic tour of the city, taking in the famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema.

Day 4: Flight Rio / Manaus

After a flight to Manaus, you’ll be taken to a lodge in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Here you’ll find fabulous hotels built from the wood of trees removed from the construction zone, and chalets inspired by the homes of the caboclos, a traditional rural community living in the jungle.

A jungle adventure!

Day 5: The Amazon jungle

In this natural paradise, for example, you can take part in jungle excursions and hikes, discovering countless plant and animal species. For the more adventurous, a night of survival in the forest is an option.

You can also try your hand at piranha fishing. These voracious little fish are easy to catch with very basic lines.

In the late afternoon, take the cable car to the summit of the Pain de Sucre (400 m alt.). An incredible sunset and breathtaking views await you.

Voyage Brésil Amazonie Rio de Janeiro vacances séjour
Voyage Brésil Amazonie Trancoso vacances séjour

Day 6: In communion with the wilderness

You’ll be offered a Pink Dolphin activity and a visit to Novo Airão. From a floating bridge, you can feed wild dolphins.

You can choose to continue with a tour through the Anavilhanas Archipelago: numerous canals (Paranás), lakes and islands form the Anavilhanas Archipelago, the largest freshwater archipelago in the world.

You’ll also discover archery on a course using a “Waimiri-Atroari”, an ancient indigenous weapon.

Day 7: Last moments in the Amazon

During your stay in the Amazon, don’t miss the chance to contemplate the sunrise over the abundant natural landscape, a spectacle unique in the world.

You’ll also be curious to discover the way of life of local communities. Caboclos are mestizo descendants of Indians and Portuguese settlers who have maintained a traditional rural lifestyle.

The nocturnal outings in the thousand little noises of the night will take place on a pirogue and will allow you to surprise the animals in their natural environment.

Day 8: Flight Manaus / Trancoso

After breakfast, you’ll be transferred to Manaus for your flight to Trancoso.

You’ll then settle into a sublime hotel, where nature meets modernity. You’ll enjoy the utmost comfort while appreciating the greenery, decor and service.

Day 9: Trancoso

It’s thanks to Bahia’s rich culinary heritage, blended with African, Indian and Portuguese influences, and the rediscovery of Trancoso by hippies in the 1970s, that the region’s gastronomic scene is so vibrant.

Trancoso celebrates diversity with both innovative and traditional restaurants.

Day 10: Trancoso

Trancoso’s beaches are among the most beautiful in Brazil, perfect for those who like to bask in the sun with a cocktail in hand.

Don’t miss the Praia dis Nativos, the Praia Barra do Rio Trancoso, the Praia dos Coqueiros and the Praia do Rio da Barra.

But Trancoso also boasts a bucolic town center with its famous São João Batista church.

Voyage Brésil Amazonie Trancoso vacances séjour
Voyage Brésil Amazonie Trancoso vacances séjour

Day 11: Trancoso

Enjoy one last time the treasures of Trancoso and its picture-postcard landscapes.

Stand-up paddle, scuba diving, boat tours or just relaxing in the sun, you’ll enjoy all the pleasures of this relaxing city.

You’ll be able to savor the delicious cuisine of the city’s restaurants one last time, and take advantage of your hotel’s spa, for example.

Day 12: Trancoso/ Flight Porto Seguro/France

You’ll head for Porto Seguro to catch your return flight.

You’ll leave reluctantly, but with a rested mind, full of beautiful memories that you’ll soon be able to repeat in Brazil.

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