South-east Sicily: a land of contrasts and emotions

Discover one of the pearls of the Mediterranean, authentic and striking

South-east Sicily: a land of contrasts and emotions

Price from : 1000 €
Ideal duration : 8 days –
7 nights

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Welcome to the south-east of Sicily. From Catania to Palermo, discover the region’s most beautiful Baroque villages, majestic and graceful, as if frozen in time. Ochre-colored villages, isolated from the rest of Sicily by steep mountains or impassable ravines, attracting every ray of sunlight as if to dazzle the day-tripper. Experience a more intimate region with a strong character, where people’s discretion is matched by their hospitality. During your trip to Sicily, also discover the ancient remains of the region and don’t forget to take a leap into the deep blue, never far from there…

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  • The living cuisine and wines of Sicily
  • Discover historic jewels and colorful cities
  • Charismatic, jovial people
  • Lodging in the heart of a vineyard, fruit trees and fields of fragrant flowers
Voyage Sicile Sud Est Italie vacances séjour

Day 1 : Catania and Syracuse

Welcome and have a good trip to Sicily ! Land in the city of Catania today and collect your car at the airport to travel to the city of Syracuse in the southeast of Sicily. Stay in a hotel on the island of Ortygia, Syracuse’s jewel in the crown.


Day 2 : Syracuse

This morning, enjoy a breakfast at the hotel featuring fresh, seasonal local produce. Something to tantalize your taste buds, and all with a breathtaking sea view. Then set off to discover your own neighborhood, the city’s most beautiful, Ortygie. Isolated by the Darsena canal, the island will seduce you with its lovingly restored narrow medieval streets, Baroque palaces and churches. There are many buildings to discover, including the little church Chiesa di San Martino, and the fabulous ruins of the Temple of Apollo. Then cross the canal to discover the city’s other districts. You’ll be simply enchanted by this wonderful city and its special atmosphere, as well as by its astonishing panoramas and the wealth of its monuments…

Days 3 and 4 : Noto

Continue your journey to Sicily and reach the splendid town of Noto. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was long abandoned to decay following the tragic earthquake that hit the region, but major work has since been undertaken to give the buildings a new lease of life. Take a stroll through the town and admire its Baroque exuberance. Contemplate its majestic cathedral, which becomes simply flamboyant as the sun goes down, and enter the important palaces that open their doors to you at all hours of the day. Once you’ve fully immersed yourself in the unique ambience of this town, head for your new accommodation; set in a light-colored stone house set amidst ten hectares of vineyards, a haven of peace almost as if blessed by nature. Learn to live with the seasons and pick your own produce from the orchards surrounding the house. Let yourself be carried away by a soothing lifestyle, refocused on the essentials.

Voyage Sicile Sud Est Italie vacances séjour
Voyage Sicile Sud Est Italie vacances séjour voyage

Day 5 : Ragusa

Start visiting the most beautiful villages of Sicily, in Val Di Noto, today.
Located on the top and side of a hill in southeastern Sicily, Ragusa looks like a sandcastle placed on a rock.
It’s hard to say what it feels like to see this city for the first time, between the surprise of such a silent city and that feeling of height, but know that it’s a strong feeling that you won’t forget. This situation, and the color of the stones in its buildings, give the town a fragile, ephemeral appearance, despite the fact that it has spanned centuries of history…
Stroll between cathedrals, churches and palaces today.


Day 6 : Modica

Modica, another Baroque gem in the Val Di Noto, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is fascinating. Modica is famous for its chocolates, but has many other specialties. You won’t be disappointed by its cultural jewels: numerous monuments, churches and museums, not to mention the magnificent cathedral and theater.

Day 7 : Agrigento

A little further away is the town of Agrigento. While it’s best known for the nearby Valley of the Temples, the town itself boasts a charming downtown area with attractive buildings and good restaurants. Take time to stroll around, then head for the famous Valley of Temples. This is a unique site in the world, where almond trees blossom as early as January. Important archaeological remains emerge from this beautiful setting, including several Doric temples, necropolises and remains of the walls of the ancient Greek city of Akragas, which was one of the most important cities in Magna Graecia.


Day 8 : Palermo

Reach the city of Palermo today to end your trip to Sicily, return your car to the airport and board the plane.

Voyage Sicile Sud Est Italie vacances séjour voyage

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From €1,000/person (based on 2 people)

This price includes: round-trip flights Paris/Catania and Palermo/Paris, airport taxes and fuel surcharges, rental of an Opel Corsa or similar mid-size car, 7 nights in a double room in charming accommodation.

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