The Peloponnese peninsula

Road Trip around an authentic Hellenic concentrate

The Peloponnese peninsula

Price from : 1300 €
Ideal duration : 11 days –
10 nights

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Welcome to Greece, the cradle of our European civilization, a perfect blend of historical heritage, gentle lifestyle and impressive landscapes. During this trip to Greece, imagine yourself discovering the wonders of the Peloponnese for ten days. A region steeped in history, home to some of the country’s finest archaeological sites. Take a route far from the crowds, in pure, authentic Greece, among olive groves and sheep. Get to know a Greece that lives to the rhythm of the day and the sun, breathing pure air between sea and mountains.

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  • Stroll through an open-air history book
  • Contrasting landscapes between sea and mountains
  • The gourmet gastronomy of the Peloponnese
  • Discovering wonders off the beaten track
Voyage Péloponnèse Grèce vacances séjour

Day 1 : Athens

Fly to Athens from France and check into a hotel in the heart of the old town, offering breakfast with a breathtaking view of the Acropolis just a stone’s throw away. For the first day of your trip to Greece, set off to meet the well-known Acropolis of Athens and its Parthenon, dominating the city and shining brightly under the warm Greek sun. Take the path away from the hustle and bustle, which will lead you to various important monuments, such as the Agora and the Olympiion. To find out more, head to the Natural Archaeological Museum, a veritable Greek Louvre containing a wealth of ancient treasures.

Day 2 : Athens

Today, visit the city of Athens and in particular the districts of Plaka and Anafiotika, which will make you want to get lost in their narrow flower-filled streets. If you’re curious, watch the changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier, dressed in traditional Greek army garb. At the end of the day, when the mild weather arrives, take a stroll through the National Garden of Athens.


Day 3 : Nafplio

Start your road trip here with a two-hour drive to Nafplio. You then really enter the Peloponnese here, via the Corinth Canal. Once you’ve arrived, head for the Palamède fortress, which dominates the town. Here you’ll enjoy a postcard-perfect view, with the old stones of the fortress and the azure blue of the water below. At the end of the day, take the seafront walk to Arvanitia beach. Enjoy the sweetness of the moment beneath cliffs covered with prickly pear and pine trees.

Day 4 : Nafplio

On your second day in Nafplio, take a stroll through the old town and stop off at Syntagma Square, where a Venetian building, two mosques and neoclassical mansions harmoniously coexist. If you feel like it, take a trip to the Archaeological Museum or the Army Museum.


Voyage Péloponnèse Grèce vacances séjour
Voyage Péloponnèse Grèce vacances séjour

Day 5 : Monemvasia

This morning, for the 5th day of your trip to Greece, get back in the car and leave Nafplio for Monemvasia, further south on the Peloponnese peninsula. Don’t take the expressway if you don’t want to miss the magnificent road linking the two, between ochre mountains and lush green vegetation. Once you’ve arrived, put your luggage down at your hotel in Monemvasia Castle, with its fascinating interior and exterior architecture. Let yourself be taken on a journey through time in your room that looks like a traditional Peloponnese house. Monemvasia is a village perched on a rocky outcrop, seemingly straight out of an ancient novel. Take a walk around it to discover the height of the Venetian ramparts that once protected it.

Day 6 : Monemvasia

Today, explore the gentle, enchanting lower town, and the wild, rural upper town, offering incredible panoramas, both linked by a few steps. Climb up to the Church of Saint Sophie, well worth the detour. Then continue the road trip to the mythical city of Sparta, an hour and a half away.


Day 7 : Sparta

Welcome to Sparta, Athens’ greatest rival and a must-see in ancient history. Today, visit the UNESCO-listed archaeological site of Mistra. Founded in 1429, it is one of the best-preserved Byzantine cities in the world. Afterwards, return to town to take a look at the city’s landmark, the statue of the great Leonidas. You’ll even see his tomb, although there’s no guarantee he’s there.

Day 8 : Sparta

There’s so much to see in Sparta, a city steeped in history. Visit the acropolis of ancient Sparta, where remains were rediscovered in 1910 after archaeological excavations. In the second half of the day, spend an afternoon in the present rather than in antiquity, and visit the new Sparta. Take a tour of the Greek Olive and Olive Oil Museum, in this region where olive trees cover both inhabited and uninhabited land!


Voyage Péloponnèse Grèce vacances séjour
Voyage Péloponnèse Grèce vacances séjour

Day 9 : Olympia

Continue your road trip in the Peloponnese towards the city that hosted the ancient Olympic games since 776 BC, Olympia. Stay in a hotel located in ancient Olympia, with panoramic views of the Alpheios river valley, the Gulf of Kyparissia and, in fine weather, even the Ionian Sea. You’ll be welcomed into a warm atmosphere of genuine Greek hospitality. To get your feet wet, visit the Museum of the History of the Ancient Olympic Games.

Day 10 : Olympia

Today, visit the huge site of Olympia. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and clearly one of Greece’s must-see attractions. Once worshipped as the effigy of Zeus, you’ll find an incredible number of temples, tombs and statues. The site is so big that, if you really want to dig deep and get the right explanations, you should opt for an official guide.

Day 11 : Last day and flight home

Today, enjoy the last moments of your trip to Greece before returning your car and catching your flight home.

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From €1300/person (based on 2 people)

This price includes: return flight Paris-Athens, airport taxes and fuel surcharge, 1 piece of luggage per person, 10 nights’ accommodation in charming guesthouses, rental car (Peugeot 208 or similar) for the entire trip.

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