South Australia and the Outback

From Tasmania to Uluru

South Australia and the Outback

Price from : 5400 €
Ideal duration : 16 days –
15 nights

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Welcome to Australia, that vast, naturally rich land at the end of the world, shaped by deserts, mountains and, above all, oceans. Imagine wandering through Tasmania’s primary rainforests, surrounded by huge trees giving off a fresh, fruity scent. Have a drink at sunset on a rooftop in Melbourne, or in the middle of a vineyard in the gentle Yarra Valley. Watch the koalas sleepily overhead as you make your way to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. And finally, relax in the middle of the Outback in your room, a stone’s throw from Uluru, far from the noise, leaving room for dreams and escapism…

You'll love...

  • Tasmania’s nature and wilderness
  • Melbourne’s bars, restaurants and museums
  • Your road trip on the Great Ocean Road
  • The penguin parade on Phillip Island
  • Animals in their natural habitat on Kangaroo Island
  • The Australian outback, learn more about Aboriginal culture
Voyage Australie et Outback vacances séjour

Day 1: Arrival in Tasmania

You’ll arrive in Tasmania for your first stopover, pick up your car and settle into your first accommodation not far from Hobart town, a lodge built in 1930 that retains its original craftsmanship and now adds contemporary Tasmanian design. Rest today after your long journey.

Days 2 and 3: Hobart and surrounding area

Join us for your first visit to Port Arthur, a historic site famous for its former penitentiary, which will give you a better understanding of the life of 19th-century convicts. On your third day, visit the charming town of Hobart, discover its local crafts and enjoy its gentle way of life. Visit the Mona (Museum of Old and New Art).

Day 4: Freycinet National Park

On the fourth day, leave the outskirts of Hobart and begin your journey to the north of the island to discover the wilderness. Head for Freycinet National Park and the famous Wineglass Bay. Choose the hiking trail that suits you best. Here, high pink mountains drop into the clear, calm waters. The scenery is breathtaking. You can observe a wide variety of endemic animals, including the renowned Tasmanian devil. You can even watch whales between May and October!

Day 5: Bay of Fire

Continue up the coast to Bay of Fire and St Helens, one of Australia’s most beautiful landscapes. White sandy bays adorned with fiery red and orange rocks. The contrasting colors will blow your mind.

Day 6: Cradle Mountain National Park

For your last stop in Tasmania, you’ll head inland to Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. Cradle Mountain is undoubtedly Tasmania’s most beautiful landmark. A change of scenery guaranteed in an authentic green setting. Choose your hiking trail again!
Then fly to Melbourne on the mainland. Right in the heart of Melbourne, you’ll be staying in an elegant hotel recently restored as a manor house, with a contemporary style and an appreciated freshness.

Voyage Australie et Outback vacances séjour
Voyage Australie et Outback vacances séjour

Day 7: Melbourne

Visit Melbourne, an active and cultural city. Its architecture will undoubtedly remind you of Europe. Wander around the city, discover its museums, take a tour of the vibrant Saint Kilda district or get lost in the many galleries. Choose the cuisine you want and find a restaurant – there’s something for everyone on every corner!

Day 8: Great Ocean Road

Climb into your car and head for the famous Great Ocean Road. Drive at your own pace, enjoying the breathtaking views from this legendary road. Your arrival point is the 12 Apostles. Stop in front of this landscape before turning back towards Melbourne in the late afternoon sun – you’ll be charmed!

Day 9: Phillip Island

Head for Phillip Island, south of Melbourne, to meet penguins and sea lions! The island is still very wild and home to an extremely rich animal life. Head for the southern tip of the island, Cape Woolamai and The Noobies for extraordinary views of the Antarctic Ocean.

Day 10: Yarra Valley

Head for the Yarra Valley, an hour east of Melbourne, known for its vineyards and local culinary products. Enjoy a wine tasting and dinner in a fine restaurant. Spend some quality time in your charming and unique accommodation, a luxurious manor house overlooking a national heritage forest.

Days 11 to 13 Kangaroo Island :

Return to Melbourne to board a flight to Kangaroo Island. Settle into your accommodation at the end of the day on this nature island par excellence.
Head to Seal Bay to see the first of a long list of animals on this island: sea lions! Hundreds of them bask on the warm rocks of the coast. Then head west to Vivonne Bay, one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches. On the morning of your second day on Kangaroo Island, head a little further west into Flinders Chase National Park, a veritable sanctuary for the island’s wildlife. And especially to see the amazing shapes of Remarkable Rocks and Admirals’Arch. Enter the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary to meet dozens of koalas perched on the eucalyptus trees planted in their honour.

Voyage Australie et Outback vacances séjour
Voyage Australie et Outback vacances séjour

Day 14: Ayers Rock

Return to the mainland to Adelaide and fly to the heart of the country, the real “Outback” as Australians call it, Ayers Rock. Settle into original and simply breathtaking accommodation in the heart of the desert, with a view of Uluru (the aboriginal name for the mountain) and observe a starry sky far from the lights of the city.

Day 15: Ayers Rock

Wake up to the sunrise over Uluru in your bed, then get ready to approach this mythical monolith. Learn more about the lives of the aborigines and their stories going back thousands of years on these lands which for them have always been synonymous with home.

Day 16: Last day and flight home

Enjoy your last moments in Australia today before your flight back to France.

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From €5400/person (based on 2 people)

This price includes: round-trip international flights Paris-Hobart and Melbourne-Paris, one piece of checked luggage per person, flights between Hobart and Melbourne and Adelaide and Uluru, airport taxes and fuel surcharges, 15 nights’ accommodation in a double room in charming guesthouses, rental of a Hyundai i30 car in Tasmania.

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