Paradise in the Philippines

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Paradise in the Philippines

Price from : 5 200 €
Ideal duration : 8 days –
7 nights

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Welcome to the Philippines, a tropical jewel where a small island of greenery and calm promises an exclusive escape. Nestled in the heart of this oasis, this retreat of just eight rooms combines luxury and nature for a unique experience. Sheltered from the incessant flow of tourists, this resort has managed to remain authentic, offering you a true experience worthy of the local culture. Explore the crystal-clear waters, dive into the heart of underwater biodiversity, and play an active part in protecting these endangered waters. Enjoy local delicacies and relax on the private beach from morning to night without a care in the world. Get ready for an adventure where the magic of nature meets luxury in a heavenly setting.

You'll love...

  • Get involved in supporting the region’s ecology
  • Stroll all day, out of sight
  • Meet endemic species
  • Enjoy healthy, fresh, locally-produced meals
Voyage Philippines vacances séjour voyage de noce

Day 1: Arrival in the Philippines

Arrive at El Nido airport and take a boat transfer to Talacanen Island. Embark on a magical journey to the island that will be your home for the week, a hidden gem in the heart of the ocean. When the boat sets you ashore, you’re greeted by the gentle murmur of the waves and the warm embrace of the white sand. Your stay then begins at this Resort, an exclusive haven where nature meets luxury.

Day 2: Relaxation and amazement

The day begins peacefully, with the sound of tropical birds inviting you to explore the island’s treasures. Enjoy fresh fruit and new local flavors for breakfast, then let yourself be guided on a personalized excursion to discover the wealth of local flora and fauna, the surrounding waterfalls and nearby fishing villages. As night falls, the sky blazes with shimmering hues, giving you an unforgettable sunset.

Day 3: Nautical adventures

Dive into the crystal-clear waters to the sound of lapping waves, with a day’s free use of kayaks to explore the island’s secret surroundings. The evening is spent under the spell of a bonfire on the beach, where a barbecue feast awaits you, lit by starlight.

Day 4: Introduction to scuba diving

Plunge into the depths of the sea with a scuba diving session accompanied by an instructor who will show you the greatest wonders hidden in the sea, discovering a dazzling underwater world of colorful corals and fascinating creatures. After this adventure, let yourself be lulled by the gentle murmur of the waves during an exquisite massage session in the spa’s private cabin.

Voyage Philippines vacances séjour voyage de noce
Voyage Philippines vacances séjour voyage de noce paradis secret

Day 5: Participation in the Coral Triangle Initiative

Explore the taklobo (giant clam) garden near the resort and plant corals, becoming a guardian of the ocean yourself. The island vibrates with positive energy as you take part in the Coral Triangle initiative. In the evening, enjoy lovingly prepared regional dishes, highlighting the link between local cuisine and the surrounding biodiversity.

Day 6: Awakening to Biodiversity

In the morning, follow a passionate guide for an immersive exploration of the island’s biodiversity. The afternoon is yours to enjoy, whether you choose fishing excursions or simply abandon yourself to the serenity of the place.


Day 7: Gratitude and relaxation

Take advantage of this day to relax on the private beach, dive in the crystal-clear waters or take part in optional activities. The evening features a magical lantern-lit dinner under the stars, highlighting the delicacy of the local cuisine and the timeless ambience of your stay.

Day 8: Farewell and return to France

Your last morning is a symphony of sweetness and nostalgia. Enjoy every moment on this island paradise before saying goodbye. The unforgettable memories and ecological footprint you leave behind make you a true guardian of this tropical gem. Then leave to catch your plane back to France.

Voyage Philippines vacances séjour

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This price includes: round-trip flights Paris/El Nido, airport taxes and fuel surcharges, one hold bag per person, private transfers by car and boat between the airport and the island (round-trip), 7 nights on a private island paradise.

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