A week in Papua New Guinea

A little paradise in the middle of the Pacific

A week in Papua New Guinea

Ideal duration : 8 days –
7 nights

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Just north of Australia lies Papua New Guinea – the land of the unexpected. And there, located 20 minutes from the coast, is this island formerly called Paradise Island, and for good reason. Imagine a small private island with a white sand beach, tall palm trees, beautiful flowers, magnificent sunsets and traditional bungalows. Surrounding this magnificent refuge are some of the most colorful reefs and best fish life this planet has to offer…. It’s a real break from the outside world that you offer yourself, but beyond that, it’s unique colors, smells and flavors, and a week to live with the waves of the ocean crashing on sand.

You'll love...

  • Local cuisine made from food bought at the market located on the coast
  • Stay in traditional-style bungalows
  • See no one other than the few island employees present for your comfort
Voyage Papouasie-nouvelle-guinée vacances séjour voyage de noce

Day 1 : Arrival on the island

You will arrive by private transfer by plane and then by boat from the airport.
From the moment you set foot on the warm, immaculate sand of this small island nestled in the Pacific, let yourself be enveloped by its enchanting atmosphere and leave your daily life behind. You know you are going to have a week unlike any other. With its fine sandy beaches and sparkling crystal clear waters, it is a true paradise on earth that welcomes you.

Day 2 : Scuba diving

You will stay in a small bungalow built in the typical New Guinean style. With a thatched roof and woven bamboo walls. Despite its authenticity, your accommodation has all the necessary comfort to offer you to allow you to spend a perfect week.
As the sun rises, immerse yourself in a mesmerizing underwater world, where coral reefs burst with vibrant colors and a myriad of exotic sea creatures move gracefully around you. It is undoubtedly one of the regions with the most diversity of marine fauna and flora to offer in this world, so take advantage of it !

Day 3 : Surfing and fishing

Continue this week with wonderful sunrises and sunsets, moments in total union with nature, and moments of joy spent in complete privacy with your loved ones.
Let yourself be carried away by the adrenaline and try surfing the legendary waves of the Pacific Ocean, defying the elements in an exhilarating dance with the ocean. Later, seek adventure on the high seas on an excursion organized by your hosts.

Day 4 : Traditional village visit

Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Papua New Guinea by exploring a traditional village. Soak up the warm hospitality of local people, learn about their age-old customs and exchange unique smiles. Maybe take a few hours to practice local cuisine with a local, and create memories that will stick with you for life, as close as possible to reality.

Voyage Papouasie-nouvelle-guinée vacances séjour voyage de noce
Voyage Papouasie-nouvelle-guinée vacances séjour voyage de noce

Day 5 : Scuba diving

Explore the mysterious depths of the ocean, where every dive reveals new hidden treasures. From majestic WWII wrecks to flamboyant coral gardens, every moment underwater is a thrilling adventure that will awaken your senses.

Day 6 : Relaxing and snorkeling

Treat yourself to a day of pure relaxation on the island’s heavenly beach. Dive into the turquoise waters for a snorkeling session, where you will be surrounded by a kaleidoscope of dazzlingly colored tropical fish.

Day 7 : Last day of adventure

Enjoy every moment of your last day on the island. Whether exploring a new dive site or simply relaxing on the golden sand with a homemade cocktail in hand, let yourself be carried away by the undeniable charm of the place.

Day 8 : Return to France

As you leave the island to fly back, take with you the treasured memories of this unforgettable getaway. Leave behind the gentle murmur of the waves and the intoxicating scent of the ocean, knowing that you have had a truly magical experience that will stay with you.

Voyage Papouasie-nouvelle-guinée vacances séjour voyage de noce

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