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Wilderness and skeleton coast.

Namibia has no shortage of grandiose sites: Windhoek, its capital, hemmed in between mountain ranges; Etosha, a national reserve and one of the largest in Africa; Damaraland, where the pastel colors and petrified forests will take your breath away; and the coast, with its sea lions and famous Skeleton coast…

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Some words and expressions in the language

English has been Namibia’s official language since the 90s, and will help you on your journey. Afrikaans is also spoken as a second language, among numerous dialects.

Key figures

Surface area: 825 419 km²

2.534 million inhabitants (2017)

Good to know


Up-to-date and recommended vaccinations:

  • DTPolio
  • MMR
  • anti-tuberculosis treatment
  • Yellow fever

Depending on local conditions: typhoid, rabies, hepatitis A and B.


Visas are not required for French nationals. French passport holders are entitled to tourist residence permits for up to 90 days, issued free of charge on arrival, including at immigration control at Windhoek airport. Once you’ve arrived, it’s important to check the duration of your visa, so you don’t run into problems when you leave the country.

Any traveller leaving the country after the expiry date of their visa is liable to arrest and detention, followed by an appearance before a judge and payment of a heavy fine.