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Some words and expressions in the language

Hello / Good evening : Sain baina uu

How are you? Ta kher khiii baina?

Fine, thank you, and you? Mash sain tand bolon bavarlalaa?

I understand / I don’t understand? Oilgohgui / Bi oilgokhgui baina

Sorry: Uuchlalray

Goodbye : Bayartai

Welcome: Morilno uu

Thank you : Bayarla

Excuse me / Please : Uu

My name is: Minii ner … baina

Yes / No : Tiim / yamar ch

You’re welcome / Please : Durtaiyaa

How much is it: Kher ikh baina ve?

It’s very cheap: Ene ni mash khyamd yum

It’s too expensive: Ene ni kheterkhii unetei yum

Can you lower the price? Ta uniig buuruulakh ve?

Would I like to buy this? Bi avakh bolno

I love / I hate: Bi khairtai, Bi uzen yaddag

Silver: Mongo

I’m just looking: I Khari baina

I would like to go: Bi yavakh bolno

Plane : Ongots

Train: Galt tereg

Cab: Taksiny

Bus: Avtobusny

Car: Aytomashin

Where is it? Kherkhen yavakh ve?

Bank : bank

Station : Galt tere

Hotel : Zochid buudal

When: Fri

Today: Onoodor

It was delicious: Amttai

I’m lost: Bi toor chikh loo


No vaccinations required. Hygiene conditions are often precarious, so it’s advisable to protect yourself against tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, hepatitis A and B, whooping cough, measles for children, typhoid and rabies. In the event of a serious problem, you should seek advice from the assistance company and the French Embassy in Ulaanbaatar.


Valid passport, valid 6 months after date of return, for French nationals.

Emergency passport. As this document is not accepted everywhere, you’ll need to check that it’s recognized by the country you’re planning to visit before applying for it. You should also check whether it requires a visa (which may be the case even for countries where you don’t need one with an ordinary passport).

If you’re traveling with your children, you should be aware that minors of all ages are now also required to have an individual passport. French law stipulates that minors traveling with one or both parents do not need to be in possession of an authorization to leave the country. On the other hand, this document is mandatory (since January 15, 2017) if this accompanying condition is not met. In the latter case, the child must present: a passport (or identity card, depending on the requirements of the destination country); an authorization to leave the country form, signed by one of the parents holding parental authority (the authorization to leave the country form is available at; a photocopy of the signing parent’s identity document.

When a minor travels with a parent whose name he or she does not bear, it is strongly recommended either to be able to prove parentage (, or to present an authorization to leave the country (Cerfa form no. 15646*01) duly completed and signed by the other parent, together with a copy of his or her identity card. This authorization does not exempt minors from any other formalities specific to their destination.

New security measures have come into force at airports: electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) must be charged and in working order on all flights to and from the USA and London. Control officers must be able to switch them on. As a precaution, keep your charger handy. If your device is unloaded or faulty, it will be confiscated. As this measure is likely to be extended to other airports, we advise you to charge your electronic devices before your flight, whatever your destination.

Driver’s license: to avoid any inconvenience, even for non-European countries that officially recognize the validity of the French driver’s license on their territory, it may be useful to obtain an international driver’s license or, failing that, a sworn translation of the French license.


Visa required for French nationals (1 entry, 60 euros).

Application file for French nationals (submitted directly to the embassy): passport + copy of identity page, completed application form, passport photo, copy of repatriation insurance certificate, copy of plane or train tickets and travel certificate (agency). Payment by cheque only. Estimated delivery time: 6 working days.

French citizens can now apply by post. Applications should be sent by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt to the consular services of the embassy: 5, avenue Robert Schuman – 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt. Parts :

– completed visa application form (with passport photo affixed), downloadable from the embassy website: ;

– original passport (under the conditions indicated in the “Passport” section) with 3 blank pages, 2 of which must be facing each other;

– copy of repatriation insurance certificate ;

– proof of travel (plane ticket and agency certificate) ;

– visa payment cheque payable to the Mongolian Embassy ;

– in the case of return by post, a self-addressed envelope with the form for registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, together with a cheque for 30 euros per passport.

A single envelope is sufficient for several applications and passports, as it is for the return of passports.

NB: A third party may submit and collect a visa application file from the embassy, together with a letter of recommendation from the applicant.