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Atlantic coral reefs.

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English is spoken in the Bahamas.

Good to know

French travelers to the Bahamas are responsible for their own safety. They are invited to ensure that they have the necessary resources in the event of a crisis (check the terms of insurance policies, make sure they have the necessary financial resources to cover any hospitalization or evacuation costs). – Updated December 10, 2019.


No vaccinations are compulsory, but some are recommended.

Up-to-date vaccinations :

  • diphtheria-tetanus-polio (DTP)
  • rubella-mumps-measles (MMR) in children

Depending on local travel conditions, vaccinations against typhoid fever and viral hepatitis A and B may be recommended.


A passport valid for six months after the date of return from the Bahamas is required. If you fail to comply with this rule when transiting the United States, airlines will systematically deny you boarding.

Any transfer or transit through the U.S. requires compliance with U.S. entry regulations: possession of an electronic passport that meets the requirements of the Visa Waiver Program, or a visa issued in advance by a U.S. consulate (see U.S. page).