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Between feudal and communist heritage against a Mediterranean backdrop

The relief is a blend of the Mediterranean and the deeper lands of central and southern Europe. An air that is both marine and continental. In the end, climatic differences are quite significant depending on the period.

Albania can be visited peacefully, from towns to museum cities: Berat, Gjirokaster or the citadels of Lezhe and Shkoder, before lounging on the Albanian Riviera, or hiking on the mainland with an orange in hand.

Time difference



Albanian Lek


Telephone prefix


How do you say...

Some words and expressions in the language

  • Bonjour / Bonsoir = Mirëdita / Mirëmbrëma
  • Comment allez-vous ? = Si jeni ?
  • Très bien, merci, et vous ? = Shumë mirë, faleminderit, po ju ?
  • Parlez-vous français/anglais ? = A e flisni frëngjisht / anglisht ?
  • Je comprends/ Je ne comprends pas = Unë e kuptoj / unë nuk kuptoj
  • Pardon = Na falni
  • Au revoir = Mirupafshim
  • Bienvenue = Mirë se erdhët
  • Merci (beaucoup) = Faleminderit (shumë)
  • Excusez-moi/SVP = Më fal / ju lutem
  • Je suis Français(e) = Unë jam franceze
  • Je m’appelle… = Unë quhem…
  • Non merci = Jo faleminderit
  • Oui/Non = Po / jo
  • De rien / Je vous en prie = Asgjë / Ju lutem

Regular vaccinations to be updated.

Recommended vaccinations :

  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Rage
  • Typhoid, in the event of prolonged stays in unhygienic conditions

Check with your GP for malaria treatments. 


Vaccinations: keep up to date

Although Albania has some excellent doctors, the general lack of resources (particularly medicines and medical equipment, especially in public hospitals) usually means that patients have to be hospitalized privately or quickly evacuated abroad.

To cope with the high costs of hospitalization and health care abroad, it’s essential to have an assistance contract or insurance to cover all medical expenses (surgery, hospitalization or repatriation). Under no circumstances will these costs be covered by the local French embassy. If you can’t prove you have social security cover, you run the risk of not having access to healthcare, even in the event of a life-threatening emergency.


Travelers with a valid French national identity card or passport are exempt from visa requirements for stays of up to 90 days. They must have a passport valid for 3 months after the planned return date.

Unaccompanied minors holding only a secure national identity card or passport will not be admitted to Albania. To enter Albania, they must have parental or legal guardian authorization, in addition to their secure national identity card or passport.