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All the way to the Lapland confines.

A long strip between Norway and . Landscapes of absolute tranquility, populated more by wildlife than people, here nature is respected. Quiet yet welcoming cities like Stockholm, its capital, and its rocky islands with their immaculate snowy expanses. A land of the midnight sun, but also greener in the summer months, with its vertiginous flanks, like its Norwegian neighbor, and its little red and white fishermen’s huts, where you’ll be happy to share a convivial moment.

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How do you say...

Some words and expressions in the language

  • Hello = Hej (hey)
  • Good morning = God morgon (goud morron)
  • Good afternoon = God eftermiddag. (goud èftermiddag)
  • Good evening = God kväll. (goud kvèl)
  • Good night = God natt. (goud nat)
  • How are you? = Hur mår du? (hûr môr dû)
  • Thank you very much = Mycket bra, tack (Muké bra tak)
  • What’s your name? = Vad heter du ? (va héter dû)
  • My name is … = Mitt namn är … (mitt namn er)
  • Pleased to meet you = Trevligt att träffa dig (trévlit at trèffa dey)
  • Thank you = Tack (tak)
  • You’re welcome = Varsågod. (varchôgoud)
  • Yes = Ja (ya)
  • No = Nej (ney)
  • Excuse me = Ursäkta (ûrchékta)
  • Goodbye = Hej då (héy dô)
  • Do you speak French? = Pratar du franska? (pratar due frannska)

Key figures

Area: 450 295 km²

10.12 million inhabitants (2018)

Good to know


Up-to-date vaccinations :

  • DTPolio
  • MMR for children
  • Tick-borne encephalitis in Europe, depending on travel zone

Don’t hesitate to ask your GP for advice.


As Sweden is a member of the European Union, French nationals can enter freely with a valid passport or national identity card.