Travel guide

From the dunes of the Sahara to the peaks of the High Atlas

The Orient at the gateway to Africa. This country is ideal for both short and long trips!

Carried away by the grains of sand and the scorching heat of the Moroccan sun, you’ll be amazed at the welcome you receive from this country and its people. Explore its peaks, the High Atlas, the Rif and the sun-scorched ranges leading to the oases of the Sahara. Lose yourself in the starry sky during an impromptu bivouac.

Discover the mysteries behind these palace-like doors, in the buzzing alleys of the souks…

Time difference



Moroccan dirham


Telephone prefix


How do you say...

Some words and expressions in the language

  • Good morning / Good evening = Salam Alekum / Msal’khir
  • How are you? = Labass
  • Fine, thank you, and you? = Labass hamdoullah
  • Do you speak French/English? = Ouech tat hdar françawiya? Oula engliziya?
  • I understand/ I don’t understand = Fhamt / Ma Fhamtch
  • Sorry = Smahli
  • Goodbye = Bsslama
  • Welcome = Marhba
  • Thank you very much = Choukran (choukran bezaf)
  • Excuse me/Please = Smahli / Afak
  • I am French = Ana françawiya
  • My name is… = Ismiyti
  • No thanks = La choukran
  • Yes/No = Wakha / La
  • You’re welcome / Please = La choukran aâla ouajib / marhba

Key figures

Le Marco is in the GMT+1 time zone, i.e. 02:00 less than French time:

When it’s 12:00 in Paris, it’s 09:00 in Casablanca.

Good to know

European plug – Type C, F and D


Up-to-date vaccinations:

  • DTPolio
  • MMR (in children)
  • Anti-tuberculosis (desirable)

Depending on the region, vaccinations against typhoid fever, meningitis and viral hepatitis A and B may be recommended. Vaccination against rabies may also be offered in certain cases, depending on the conditions and location of your stay. Ask your doctor or an international vaccination center for advice.


For a stay in Morocco, a valid passport is required for the entire duration of the planned stay.

Passports are compulsory, even for groups on organized tourist trips.

Admission to Morocco is no longer possible on presentation of a national identity card alone.

On arrival, you should check that your passport has been stamped by the border police (a number must be entered on the first visit, and the entry stamp must be stamped, otherwise you may be unknowingly residing illegally).

Foreign nationals not resident in Morocco, whether subject to visa formalities or not, must be in possession of their return ticket and proof of sufficient means of subsistence during their stay in the Kingdom.

After a three-month stay, it is advisable to contact the Moroccan immigration service and request an extension of the residence permit, which may not exceed three months.

Illegal residence is punishable by a fine and deportation with a ban on residence.