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French Polynesia

Fragrance of monoi and tiare in the hair

In this French Overseas Territory, life is lived to the rhythm of the waves, sailing from island to island. Polynesia is made up of almost 100 islands, including the Australes, Gambiers, Société, Marquises and Tuamotu archipelagos.

At first glance, one thinks of fine white sandy beaches, but the inland relief is immense. The mountains rise out of the ground like giants, and are covered in lush nature in every season.

Here we discover a strong and preserved culture, that of the

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How do you say...

Some words and expressions in the language

Polynesia is a French overseas territory, so you can speak French there.

Locals also speak Tahitian:

  • Good morning / Good evening = Ia ora na/ Ia ora na
  • How are you ? = E aha t? outou huru?
  • Very well, thank you, and you ? = Maita i roa, m?uruuru, outou?
  • Do you speak French/English ? = T? parau nei oe i te reo far?ni/paratane?
  • I understand/ I don’t understand = T? ta a ri i/Aita vau e ta a ra
  • Sorry = ?
  • Goodbye = N?n?
  • Welcome = Maeva
  • Thank you (very much) = M?uruuru (roa)
  • Excuse me/Please = ??
  • I am French = T? far?ni au
  • My name is… = O (first name) t? u i oa
  • No thanks = Aita, m?uruuru
  • Yes/No = E oia/aita
  • You’re welcome / Je vous en prie = Aita e fifi / Aita e fifi

Key figures

French Polynesia has several time zones, depending on its archipelagos:

The Society Islands (Tahiti) are on GMT-10: when it is 5:00 p.m. in Paris, it is 5:00 a.m. in Papeete.

The Gambier Islands (Mangareva) are at GMT-09:00: it will therefore be 06:00.

Marquesas (Nuku Hiva) are at GMT-09:30: 05:30

Good to know

Type C and E electrical outlets


Vaccines recommended:

  • universal vaccines (DTPP, hepatitis B) ;
  • hepatitis A, typhoid ;
  • possibly rabies


For French citizens, you need a passport valid for 3 months after your return. For other nationalities, we can assist you with the necessary formalities.

Please note: in the event of a stopover in the United States, it is necessary to complete the formalities specific to this country:

  • Valid biometric or electronic passport ;
  • electronic travel authorization ESTA, to be completed online.