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Some words and expressions in the language

Of course, you’ll be speaking French, but Corsica is one of those French regions that are very protective of their heritage, particularly in terms of language, so here are a few rudiments of Corsican, a Latin language very close to Italian:

  • Good morning / Good evening = Bonghjornu/ Bona sera
  • How are you? = Cumu va?
  • Fine, thank you, and you? = Va bè
  • I understand/ I don’t understand = Capische/ No capische
  • Sorry = Perdonu
  • Goodbye = A vedeci
  • Welcome = Bembinuta
  • Thank you (very much) = Gracie
  • Excuse me/Please = Scusi
  • My name is… = Mi chjamu
  • No tthanks = No, gracie
  • Yes/no = Si/no
  • You’re welcome = A ringrazia ti

Key figures

Surface area: 8,680 km²

Population: 339,178 (2019)


As Corsica is a French department, it is governed by the same formalities as the rest of France.

Standard vaccinations up to date.


For French citizens, formalities are the same as for the rest of France. You will be asked to show valid identification.

For nationals of other countries, please contact your local embassy or consulate.