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A little bit from next door.

An unsuspected cultural wealth, for the neighbor of the French! Lanes with well-stocked buildings, warm smells in the alleys, the warmth of its inhabitants!

There are no mountains or beaches here, just forests and shores that invite you to take a peaceful stroll or bike ride.

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Telephone prefix


How do you say...

Some words and expressions in the language

A little précis of Flemish :

  • Good morning / Good evening = goedig
  • How are you? = Hoe gaat het?
  • Fine, thank you, and you? = Heel goed, dank u, en u?
  • Do you speak French/English? = doe je spreekt Engels / Frans?
  • I understand/ I don’t understand = k heb het begrepen / Ik begrijp het niet
  • Sorry = neem me niet kwalijk
  • Goodbye = tot ziens
  • Welcome = welkom
  • Thank you (very much) = dank u
  • Please = neem me niet kwalijk
  • I am French = Ik ben Frans
  • My name is… = ik ben…
  • No thanks = nee dank u
  • Yes/No = Ja / niet
  • You’re welcome = Niets / U bent van harte welkom

Key figures

There is no time difference with Belgium.


It is advisable to update your usual vaccinations.


As Belgium is a member of the European Union, a valid national identity card or passport is all that’s needed to enter the country (for further information, consult the Belgian embassy in Paris).