Casa Cartagena Hotel and Spa

Pérou / Cusco / Cuzco

The monument known as the "Casa de Cartagena and Santa Cruz de Cuzco" was acquired in July 2006 by an Italian company. The restoration of the house has been carefully studied by the Italian architect Roberto Bertet who was appointed by the company to restore the former splendor of the property, without altering the historical value. Work began in September 2007, under the close supervision of the National Institute of Culture of Peru, with restoration work slow and careful, keeping intact the original walls of the house and reusing the same materials with which the structure was built before. Mud, adobe brick or stone are the basic elements of the house, typical of houses in the Andes and Cusco. The property has frescoes from the colonial period, the result of a painstaking restoration work by the School of Fine Arts in Cusco. All this was the basis for declaring the Casa Cartagena as a member of the Monument of the cultural heritage of Peru. Elements and art pieces of famous designers are some of Casa Cartagena a unique and very interesting. Also inside were included details of the traditional Peruvian culture, merging perfectly with the style of the structure, valuing and respecting the cultural tradition of Peru. The restoration work was completed in December 2008 and the overall result was a contemporary work of art inimitable cleverly inserted into a cultural and historical context of the city of Cuzco, declared Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO in 1983. Casa Cartagena today is an example of a boutique hotel is unique in its style.