Pousada de Beja

Portugal / Beja / Beja

The first records of S. Francis Convent, date from the 10th November of 1268, marking the donation of lands, for its construction, from Paio Pires to Lopo Esteves. The building restoring allow us, today, to contemplate the Old Church, area where are held meetings, congress and exhibitions today. Walking through the square cloister, that rounds the inner patio, our mind drives along history. As we reach the Gothic Chapel, the old Thumbs Chapel, the quietness and peace of mind are unquestionable, due to its beauty and simplicity. Entering the Chapter Room, where great decisions where once held, in order to help people in need, this renewed spaces invite now to a relaxing reading. In the centre of the cloister there is a cistern with water to serve all the building hold in four pillars, beneath the floor.