Beniya Mukayu

Japon / Kaga-Shi / Ishikawa

Japan is a most fascinating country. Its volcanic and volatile earth is in contrast to its Zen philosophy, which helps to refocus on the true things in life. The splendid Ryokan Beniya Mukayu is inspired by this Zen philosophy. Here beauty is implicit and suggested in the interplay of shadow and light, the neutral colors of the rooms and the splendor of the surroundings. Built in 1929 in the spa town of Yamashiro, this hotel is a true invitation to Zen. The 17 rooms in Japanese or Western style are havens of peace that look out onto a Japanese garden, a work of art to be savored while strolling along the white path. The traditional tea ceremony is performed by the owner, yoga classes are given by his wife and the spa and bubbling Jacuzzi invite you to sample the art of bathing. Beniya Mukaya is a slice of paradise in the land of the rising sun.