Nord Pinus Tanger

Maroc / Tanger / جهة طنجة تطوان الحسيمة

Traces of thousands of years of history have made the city conquered repeatedly and again released, the scene of an incessant coming and going. It is not without reason that Tanger has attracted so many writers, actors and artists. For Tangier is not only a place of trade in valuable goods against the East of the West but also a paradise for those who share their cultures, beliefs, ideas, dreams and cultural enrichment to religious. The Hotel Nord-Pinus Tanger, Riad guest house and prestigious is the culmination of the Kasbah, the historic center of town. The hotel overlooks the street Riad Sultan and based on the Portuguese ramparts of the old city walls of Roman Tingis. This extraordinary situation has spectacular views towards Tarifa and the Spanish coast, the waters of the ocean and the Mediterranean, the city and its port. It is a peaceful haven in a city constantly reinventing festive, gazebo in the city of Tangier museums in the Kasbah and In Battuta. The hotel offers 4 suites, double bedroom and a small adjoining house, enigmatic and evocative names: "Vengo", "Nilaya", "Room of the Spaniard," "The camel does not care", "Ocean View "," The house of Jean-Luc. " Cordovan leather, smells of cedar and sea, old fabrics, bed bronze, marble and zelliges, comfort and refinement bit customary waiting for you captivated. The market of Tangier is a unique place where fish abound and shellfish of the Mediterranean and Atlantic. The farmers of the Rif colorful aprons come here to sell their vegetables to taste delicious. The harmonious blend of all these products gives an unforgettable cuisine: tagines in the campfire, grilled fish with fresh vegetables, lemons, soup of Morocco, etc .... Tangier has always been the destination of travelers and celebrities including Brian Jones, Tennessee Williams, Paul Bowles, Jack Kerouac, Barbara Hutton and many others .... The legendary rooftop terraces that invite you to relax, you can dive your gaze to the lights of the city, the garden of the Sultan and the Straits of Gibraltar. Donner son avis sur la traduction