Corse / Sartène / Corse

The Estate of Murtoli is perfect for the ultimate getaway into a superb domain where nature reigns. In the heart of the Ortolo Valley, Murtoli is a very exclusive domain of 2000 hectares of wild maquis, with all of the charm and authenticity of the Corsican spirit kept intact. A long sandy beach, a myriad of crystal clear creeks, the villas’ private swimming pools dug out of the rocks, a natural cave in which can be found one of the restaurants of the domain… a veritable paradise in the south of Corsica. Spread out over this immense territory, the dry stone villas, most of which date back to the 16th century, have been restored in respect to tradition. Gilbert, a lively personage, is the maestro of Murtoli, ready to fulfill the guest’s desires.