Hoshinoya Karuizawa

Japon / Karuizawa / Nagano

At the foot of Mount Asama, surrounded by dense forests of Japanese maple, running streams and hot springs, Hoshinoya Karuizawa is a place of unsurpassable beauty and the perfect panacea to the stresses and strains of life's daily demands. Relax to the pace of old Japan in a riverside, hillside or garden villa together with a hot spring spa, fine dining and a traditional teahouse. The overall sense is of being at one with nature and the ambience is totally restful. Each of the rooms in the villas is a stylish mix of traditional and contemporary Japanese design. Hoshinoya Karuizawa is located in a valley that follows the Yukawa River, literally translated as "The river of springs" is believed to have garnered its name because of the numerous springs found along its length. Visitors traveling through the Kutsukake posting station along the Nakasendo Highway on their way to the Kusatsu Hot Springs would take advantage of the low alkaline properties of the Hoshino Hot Springs along Yukawa River on their way home to rejuvenate their skin. The springs have since garnered the reputation of "Water for Beautiful Skin".