Palacio Belmonte

Portugal / Lisbon / Lisboa

The first section of the Palácio was built in 1449, on the top of the ancient fortified Roman and Moorish walls, called "Cerca do Alcáçova" and "Cerca Moura", by agregating three towers : a rectangular keep at the western extremity, a corner tower to the north built upon Roman foundations, and a pentagonal moorish tower of the VIIth century to the west, which built upon a forty meter high rock, makes up an integral part of the "Cerca Moura". Just don’t look for a common hotel, you will not find it here. There is no mini bar or a television in your room, instead you have music and books. There’s no buffet to share, your meals will be served when and where you want. You will not be disturbed unless you ask for, but if you ask, you can have anything! A magic palace in all it’s simplicity. Only those few can enjoy such an experience. Be one ! "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" Leonardo da Vinci.