Baracoa, the first city of Cuba, one of the first sites of the New World, discovered by Christopher Columbus. The tip of the island closer to Haiti than Havana, protected by a tropical micro-climate, preserves its culture of origin Taïna, its culinary art and in particular its cocoa, one of the finest in the world. No less than 12 rivers surround the small coastal village. Between history and nature, Baracoa is an original and authentic stage.
Early in the morning :
- Meeting with the guide and departure by local car to Rafael, cocoa farmer and musician.
- Carriage ride to the heights of the "Niña bonita".
- Beginning of the Mata Cajuajo trail of moderate difficulty.
- Break in a mountain dweller.
- Descent and arrival at the beach Cajuajo with a bathing time.
- Ride back to Rafael's house.
- Lunch based on typical Baracoa dishes.
- Presentation of music and dance typical of the community of Nengon y Kiriba.
- Demonstration of the preparation of the cocoa balls
- Return by car to Baracoa.
- From the center of the village, panoramic presentation of the city on foot (Chocolate Museum, the cathedral, the seafront, the casa de la trova ...).