Embark on a journey of 80 km through the lakes, the Blue Lagoon is certainly considered one of the most beautiful in the world. It's amazing how the tone of the water changes from clear blue to darker shades. You can swim, the water temperature is nice and the place is very quiet. The lagoon of Paradise is another great attraction of the area, you can relax while eating at a nice restaurant with tables and chairs directly in water. The road to Tatajuba is 140 km on the beach where the dunes are about 8 km and some different shapes and sizes are up to 10 m. in height. Tatajuba is a remote village in the dunes. People say it looks like Jeri, 20 years ago. But here, fishing still survives. The drivers make strategic stops to enjoy the view. Lagoa da Torta, there you can have lunch in a hut made ​​of dried leaves of carnauba or even take a ride in a raft on the lake.