Satoyama Jujo

Japon / Niigata / Niigata

In terms purely miyazakiens difficult to beat Niigata prefecture, where a significant portion of the Japanese Alps. Nestled in the fairytale landscape of mountains, Satoyama Jujo mixture eco-boutique sensibility and architectural tradition of Kominka: rurality reigns wood, clean lines, typical sketch of Japanese interior design. This spirit of synthesis - the lodge between the hotel and the hot spring - thoroughly enjoyed the isolation of the place, and heavy snowfall that dot the local winter. Toru Iwasa, the man who was responsible for the meticulous restoration of Satoyama Jujo, chose to merge Japanese architecture and popular Scandinavian accents, reaching a perfect balance between craftsmanship, elegance, sense of space and calm minimalism . Paper lanterns (hung with restraint to avoid kitsch effect) add to this half festive, half ritual which contrasts nicely with the dark wood surfaces. Guaranteed effect in mezzanine lounge, where alcohol is served to guests from 19:00. Sanaburi, the restaurant offers wine pairings incorporating delicious Sri Lankan and Indian touches to very local dishes sourced. Twelve rooms are available, including two suites to cottages tunes. Offer more, it would sacrifice this essential serenity to experience. Deco level, washitsu philosophy prevails - tatami, natural light, massive windows, space optimization - without other necessities, such as wi-fi or TV, not missing. The little touches do not miss: free drinks in the fridge, French-made quilts, towel, cakes and tea served in exquisite porcelain Imari on arrival. You need quiet time to finish a novel or recharge the batteries lasting? Do not search anymore. There you are. Please note: The Satoyama Jujo not accept children under twelve.