Farm 215

Afrique Du Sud / Gansbaai / Western Cape

Farm 215 is a private and untouched place in the Southern Overberg. A feel of total tranquility, solitude and distance from the daily world takes immediate effect once you start exploring the land. The sounds of nature are all that you hear and you do not come across any man-made structure. Farm 215 has an extensive infrastructure of hiking trails and farm roads of more than 20 kilometers. Some of the gentler hiking trails take you up to the mountain ridges allowing for stunning views of the Overberg mountains, the Agulhas plains, the estuary of Uilkraalsmond, the vineyards surrounding Kraaiboschdam and the Atlantic ocean, guarded by the light house of Danger Point. Other hiking trails, less suitable for the fainthearted, take you down into the coolness of the kloofs where your feet get wet, navigation gets difficult and animals (unseen by you) watch you from the safety of their caves. Due to dramatically different heights, different soil-types, shaded and damp mountain faces, dry and windy slopes and nature’s generosity to the Overberg, the fynbos reserve of farm 215 boasts a multitude of different habitats and -hence- an enormous amount of different plant species. In the past, agriculture on farm 215 was restricted to a few suitable places. The largest part of this fynbos reserve has therefore always been safeguarded against the hand of man. We would like to keep it that way; only our guests and a restricted amount of permit holders have right of access to the reserve and clear rules of behaviour do apply. We do not allow guests to drive in the reserve, other than from the gate to the accommodation and back. Hikes can take an hour up to a whole day. If you want to explore more of the botanical wonders in the close vicinity, there are various hikes in nearby reserve and we can arrange guided hikes in the Southernmost indigenous forest of the African continent, “Platbos Forest” on the other side of the valley or along the undisturbed coastline.