Araya Totoan

Japon / Kaga City, Ishikawa / Ishikawa

A ryokan is as much a cultural institution that category of hotels. And in this refined tradition for centuries, there is less need a vision that meticulous devotion to the smallest details. The Araya Totoan, located in the mountains of Ishikawa Prefecture, is as meticulous as possible. Draw a room with views and a beautiful light, that's one thing. It is another to orchestrate the way the shadows of a plant will be projected on the wall, how wood outside will be reflected in a glass table shaped puddle, or how light be filtered through the slits of a bamboo screen. All rooms have tatami-style seating in neutral tones, with windows framing views of the woods, plus a single room with futon beds. Simple decoration based contemporary Japanese art, lampshades paper and, in the case of the chamber Sukiya, works Rosanjin calligrapher, who spent a year here in the early 20th century. The ceremonial room Maeda-han, with its columns and painted vermillion colored walls typical of the region, is where the artist actually lived. In addition to the living rooms and bedrooms, the rooms have their own terrace and rustic cypress baths fed by hot springs. In addition to private baths, barely less than public baths (three) and rooms (seven). Each one different from the other shows: one made of wood very fragrant, is located near a small Japanese garden, another at the site of a pond fed by a hot spring gushing from mossy rocks Another still misty cave air, with black walls and little natural light. The kitchen, which varies with the seasons is kind of nice to look at and delicious. If the city of Kaga is in the mountains, is a coastal Ishikawa Prefecture, and the ingredients used are of both worlds - sea bream and chrysanthemums in the spring, abalone and eggplant in summer, purple shrimp echoing the tree foliage in autumn , snow crab and daikon radish in winter. And many more. But the charm of a ryokan have been refined over the centuries, they turn slowly. Getting there: Free transfer from the Kaga Onsen Station to arrange in advance. A 10-minute drive away. Komatsu Airport is 25 minutes by taxi. Thank you to contact our customer service for more information.