Muang La Resort

Laos / Province d'Oudom Xay Lao PDR / ແຂວງອຸດົມໄຊ

In the mists of north Laos, on the edge of a small village where local people follow a traditional lifestyle, Muang La Resort was built to respect its surroundings. Swathed in greenery, the resort is surrounded by forests, rice fields and hot-water springs that are thousands of years old; offering you complete immersion in this natural paradise. On the sides of the valley, an old and famous Buddhist temple brings an air of spirituality to this place of complete relaxation. Sculptors add the finishing touches to each room. The location was perfect for the project founder of Muang La Resort when he arrived in this remote village in northern Laos. The ancient Buddha watches over the valley and its strange history, highly variegated ethnic groups in this isolated region, a natural hot spring millennium thousand virtues, flowing into a rich typical local river life, making facing an artisanal salt mine, along a small mountain village : everything came together. It took intelligently manage its implementation and is in agreement with the local chief and the participation of the villagers that could lead several local development (maintenance of river banks, roads and village construction a space for the public bath, bridge, consumer purchases made ​​in the village, employment of local staff, funding many operations and festive events, ... ). Neglecting profitability hôtellières large structures, and educating indigenous to the mutual interest of tourism development controlled and rational, Muang La Resort has naturally become a full participant in village life without sacrificing authenticity. With only 5 houses and 10 rooms, built by the Laotian architectural traditions, the notion of privacy in accommodation takes on its full meaning. It emerges from the lodge a unique atmosphere of well-being and tranquility that only a small structure can provide authentic Laos. Refined decoration and the cozy comfort are ubiquitous, a lush tropical garden of 8000 m2 distilled smells and supports every step, and small pensions appointed guarantee privacy for rest or meditation. At the foot of the lodge, a natural hot water supplies millennium an amazing bath located 4m high, the view embraces river and mountains. Change of scenery guaranteed !