Romantik Hotel Linslerhof

Allemagne / Ueberherrn / Saarland

The first document mentioning the Linslerhof dates back to 1154 years. A document certifying the donation Linslerhof by Adalbert knight and his mother Juttha was published. They passed the agricultural sector in the convent of Fraulautern. For abbesses, donation involved the obligation to read three Masses in the chapel of Linslerhof. The days of mass quickly became days of pilgrimage during which the nuns Fraulautern arrived at the farm carriage. A market was erected and also mentions games cavalry. Abbesses rewarded the fastest riders by giving them a bouquet of flowers. Saturday after Pentecost gave during a special celebration at Linslerhof. It welcomed many guests County Saarbrücken and the Duchy of Lorraine. Even today, many riders and carriage drivers continue this tradition with a blessing of horses Linslerhof. The Saturday after Pentecost is known as the "day of Lesler" (from the diminutive Linslerhof "Leseln"). The meaning of the name can be Linslerhof and translate from German linden on the water or marsh. Each room is individually decorated and has been designed in detail by Brigitte von Boch. They are all designed in the style of an English cottage. All rooms have a bathroom, a shower, toilet, telephone, TV and minibar. The rooms are furnished in different historical buildings: the house Galhau the "Gutshaus" (farm) and "Gartenhaus." In all buildings are rooms from standard, comfort and deluxe.