The Dusun

Malaisie / Seremban / Negeri Sembilan

Only an hour from Kuala Lumpur is a little-known valley of orchards, orang asli villages and virgin rainforest. The Berembun Forest Reserve is nearly 4,000 acres of protected forest rising to 3,900 feet – still an important source of food and forest products for the Temuan community who live on its fringes. Tucked into the head of this valley, overlooking the jungle on one side and a wide view of the Mantin hills and Seremban on the other, is the Dusun, a 12 acre tropical orchard. Lovingly developed over 25 years by Helen and David and their family, the Dusun honors the idea of sustainable farming and jungle conservation. Its houses are set to catch the wind and combine elements of both Malay and orang asli style. Visitors to the Dusun will experience a natural environment, shaded by mature trees, where all living things – including the guests - are treated with equal respect. There are few houses. Each is unique and each is out of sight of the others. Peace, privacy and space are the essence of the Dusun.