Le Domaine Saint Aubin Martinique

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Facing the ocean in the heart of a two hectares park, at the north of the Trinity and the Caravelle peninsula, the Domaine Saint Aubin recover his vocation of a Creole mansion. A boutique hotel in Martinique, held as a guesthouse, where the new owners, Joëlle & Laurent, relive the sake of authenticity this colonial home with large open terraces on the St. Aubin islet. It was in November 2006 that the Domaine Saint-Aubin opened. But the history of the place dates back to the first settlers arrived in Martinique, including the family of Beaupré Saint Aubin, who gave his name to the islet which is facing the hotel, 1200 m from the coast. Revolution, fragmentation and resale of planting, the history of Martinique has reduced the field to the current 2 hectares. But around the mansion built in 1919, it is still farmland available to view to the sea, 750 meters away as the crow flies. Haven of peace in a French garden, this place emphasizes rest, food and entertaining. Overlooking a large bay where the sun remote foam rollers meet the soft rustling cane fields, the site is unparalleled. Among the bicentennial mango, banana and avocado, anthuriums and heliconias, enjoy the privilege of this rare property Martinique, still intact, blending the architecture of the 19th century Louisiana furniture of mahogany plantation of yesteryear. This mansion from the early 20th century became one of the most beautiful places in Martinique. Creole colonial style and refined tourists who wins in the history of the Caribbean. Decoration hyper neat, spacious rooms, generous table d'hôte, equipment to match. Le Domaine Saint Aubin is unique on the island, a heart stroke.