Tendacayou Ecolodge & Spa

Guadeloupe / Deshaies / Basse-Terre

There are over 20 years is here at Tendacayou, on Morne Bois d'India, Sylvie and George have arisen with their children. The exuberance of the rainforest, the springs that flow from all sides. The view overlooking the village of Deshaies and the ocean, was the favorite for this special place. They began with heart and passion to work. In the shade of palm and mango, and George Sylvie have built their homes of wood and any color. they tamed the water, preserved birds singing. In the branches of tall trees, they made nests for perching their huts and shelter children and friends. They added, in the middle of a water course, a spa, for the welfare of all. The beautiful adventure of Tendacayou continues today by offering guests an unusual and peaceful life for stays true wilderness, with Creole colors. Wander, to dream, let themselves go in peace ... A Tendacayou, suspended out of time, the tone is set up to nature, ecology, natural, wood, color, space to ... fantasy too. Cabins, house, bungalow and Cases fool as many spots just waiting for you!