Boucan - Hotel Chocolat

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Tied up in the middle of a tropical forest and cocoa plantations of the oldest estate in St. Lucia, Boucan is an amazing mix of chic plantations, natural beauty and well being. This is a very special place where style blends with nature and of course cocoa and chocolate. You'll stay in one of 14 luxury bungalows, designed in a mixture of contemporary design, Hotel Chocolat and Caribbean traditional charm, perfectly positioned to take a vacation refreshing and soothing tropical breezes. Relax in the infinity pool or enjoy a soothing spa Juvenate Cocoa. Explore the beautiful surroundings, or walk the trails for near Cocoa like never before. The choice is yours. And restaurant, sit down and enjoy a cocktail at sunset soothing and discover our cuisine menu cocoa while admiring the mountains that rise majestically and the famous Piton in front of you.