Hotel des Academies et des Arts

France / Paris / Île-de-France

Step inside the first boutique hotel of Montparnasse and immerse yourself in luxury and fine details; a night at the Hotel des Academies et des Arts is also an encounter with art, where silhouette known as white figures will be your guides. Just a few steps from the Luxembourg Gardens, opposite the Atelier de la Grande Chaumiere, a well-know art school, this hotel remembers the roaring twenties, when Montparnasse was a magnet for artists such as Picasso, Modigliani and Fujita. Inspired by the hotels past and the history of the neighbourhood, Charlotte and Laurent Inchauspe wanted to revive the hotels artistic as Jerome Mesnager painter, Sophie de Watrigant sculpteur or video artists to create an original backdrop for contemporary works of art. Chez Charlottes tea room offers a first taste of this artistic experience. 20 rooms, free Internet and wifi access, air conditioning, tea room, lounge, video room, wellness room.