Mirador De Llerena

Espagne / Llerena / Extremadura / Badajoz

Entering Hospederia Mirador de Llerena is penetrating Extremadura´s early 20th Century history. Around this time, this emblematic palace, which stands out over the architectonic core of the village of Llerena, was built. The building consists of two storeys around an interior patio with veranda, whose art deco air keeps all the charm and popular taste of the past. Adding up to the transfixing beauty of the surroundings, that can be enjoyed from the mirador, the hotel offers many services and warm rooms designed with original materials recently restored. Imposing "novecento style" elegance harmonizes with brand new facilities, where light plays with melted iron structures over colourful stained-glass windows, making this historic space an ideal haven of relax and comfort.