Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge

Pérou / Machu Picchu / Cuzco / Urubamba

Located right within the boundaries of ancient Machu Picchu ruins with views to the unique Huayna Picchu Mountain and the Urubamba river where you can experience peace in a natural ecological environment. You are just a few steps from Machu Picchu a place chosen long ago for its remote and spectacular location. Here the incas worshipped nature, the mountain, the sky and their sacred river far below. This city was build for a special few and today you inherit their privilige, the chance to experience both the unique peace that descends on machu picchu at dusk and the sense of hovering expectation that fills the air at dawn. These precious hours when most visitors have left are yours and you have these mountains to yourself. Part of the fascination of machu picchu is due to the lack of precise information about its origin. Why the incas built, occupied and then abandoned it. All we know for sure is that because of its majestic construction and location this unique place was important. This unique place played a very important part at some time during the Inca era.