Easily accessible from Bangkok for a day trip by road or much more authentic aboard a traditional rice barge, Ayuthaya, once the ancient capital of Siam with its myriad of temples and palaces shimmering in the tropical sun . Today these elegant ruins are tantalizing glimpse of the glorious past of Thailand as one of the most powerful cities throughout Southeast Asia, including its glory lay in Burma, Cambodia and Laos. Traders from all over the world marveled at his majesty and called it "the Paris of the East". Ayuthaya is a welcome relief from the maddening chaos of Bangkok, the crowds are small and decaying temples are nestled in a picturesque small town Thai. The ruins of Ayuthaya were designated site of UNESCO World Heritage in the early 1990s, mentioning the temples "represent an engineering architecture", and tastes that can not be found anywhere else in the world of today, with its picturesque ruins, statues and temples, rotting in the tropical heat, which are fascinating to explore.