On the shores of Lake Tanganyika, Gombe National Park is a protected strip of land nestled in the far west of Tanzania. Along the shores of Lake Tanganyika, it consists of meadows, forests and deciduous and evergreen. The forest area is home to the Gombe chimpanzee population has been studied the longest in the world. What is life like in the woods? Follow the footsteps of the Gombe chimpanzees, and learn more about these animals that share 98% of our DNA. The forest area of Gombe National Park, like all other forests, contains a rich ecosystem. Discover its inhabitants: the olive baboon; Viper bushes, the centipede or dung beetle. Before Jane Goodall does not make observations in Gombe, it was believed that the man was the only living thing on earth to use tools. Gombe has since established itself as a center for innovative research, under the direction of Jane Goodall Institute, which specializes in chimpanzees, conservation and communities.