Tasmania spectacular underground museum has attracted more than one million visitors in three years. The Impossible Mr. Walsh, billionaire collector takes us in his inner world populated obsessions . Ye who enter here , lose all your bookmarks! When you arrive at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), located on an island southeast of Australia, former place of relegation convicts and extermination of the Aborigines, we are on the right track. And Tasmania is a paradise on earth ... With people who do not take themselves too seriously, its chattering cockatoos at dawn, its animals, as the Tasmanian Devil, a small marsupial red ears, exist nowhere else, and breathtaking landscapes. Still hell museums, as there is a hell of libraries, that is, to MONA, we will find, with its sulphurous gallery dedicated to sex and death that has made since its opening there three years, one of the most popular destinations in the arty world. That we discover the place by ferry from Hobart by the River Derwent - 99 steps to climb then the hillside where the Triassic sandstone walls of the museum were carved by the architectural firm Fender Katsalidis - or drive through the vineyards of the area does not change : we are confused. To believe that David Walsh, the eccentric owner, who made his fortune with blackjack and horse racing, took pleasure in betting on chaos.