Rich pastures, the Munster Valley is also one of the most beautiful of the Massif des Vosges. Visit many dairy farms where you can taste, buy and learn how the famous Munster. Since 1968 HIGHWAY CHEESE 28 connects farms and dairies in the Valley of Munster. This road promotes the development of tourism farms altitude and throughout the country. Over time, it fell into disuse, although still present in the collective memory. In 2011, with the opening of the house cheese region engage with enthusiasm to lead this tourist route. The actors of this route are identified by a sign. If the cheese production of the valley is mainly based on cow's milk, goat farms 4 are also associated with the road. 100 km paved road are usually practiced by car or bus but on foot using the 360 km of marked hiking trails in the Vosges club, with donkeys, mountain biking, cycling, with snowshoes or ski background. The 0 km Road Cheese is the House of Cheese Gunsbach. The best time to consume Munster lasts from May to October.