Herdade do Pessegueiro offers what many people consider as a symbol of a paradise: horseback riding on the beach, on the sand dunes or on a succession of hills and valleys with the coastline of Alentejo scenario as a background. With many years of experience in horse breeding, Cláudia Rosa Paulo Castanheira and began equestrian activitées ago decade. An old passion for horses and direct contact with animals created the beginning of the story. This adventure would become a success both nationally and internationally, between horses and the beautiful landscapes of this part of the Alentejo. There are about thirty-five animals. You can choose a horse from a variety of races, time and other arrangements. Here there is something for everyone. If you have little or no experience with horses, then you are in the right place: go with one of the most docile animals for an hour along the coast between the island and Pessegueiro Vila Nova de Milfontes and come home by one of the many indoor tracks. Do not doubt for a moment that this will be an unforgettable experience. Most likely, this will be the beginning of a long and lasting relationship between you, equestrian art and these beautiful animals. If you are experienced enough to trot or gallop, enjoy a beautiful day with a horse four hours including a picnic. Feel the pleasure of being on one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Portugal, if you're only a pair of jumpers or are part of a large group. But for true lovers of riding, the invitation is as follows: riding for a week along several tracks well known Claudia and Paulo. You will see the highlights of the region, who are known by everyone to some of the hidden treasures in the hills and cliffs between the Mira River and the ocean. Children with or without experience are welcome. Believe us, they will be eternally grateful for this opportunity to meet with these fascinating animals! This healthy contact with horses can not be ignored and in close contact with nature sharpens the senses.