Moura Encantada offers a unique opportunity to sail on the calm waters of the Santa Clara dam, considered a paradise by many, in an ecological boat whose design is inspired by traditional Portuguese fishing boats. Designed as a foundation for the region, Moura Encantada wants to share his passion for nature, the Portuguese local culture with visitors and even local communities. The project includes two reference books already published that really expresses this passion: "A Vida na Moura Encantada" (Life in Moura Encantada), a study of the local fauna and flora "Tesouro da Moura Encantada" (The treasure Moura Encantada), a tale for young audiences with stories about the animals that live on the banks of the Santa Clara dam as well as the plants and flowers that cover the surrounding landscape. The boat Água Moura will surprise the visitor. It was inspired by the model Picada da Canoa, a typical Portuguese ship of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Its main activity was to meet the larger vessels in open waters and buy and transport fish on the high seas on the shore. Equipped with nine solar panels for two discrete electric motors, it is non-polluting and silent boat, ideal for casual browsing on these waters while enjoying the scenery, listening to the sounds of nature, read a book, do a nap or swim in the warm waters of the dam. The boat has an open platform where you can enjoy the sun and get a tan, a spacious living room with a table that sits on a wooden platform at water level to facilitate access for a swim. It can carry up to 12 passengers. Visitors can choose between half-day and one-day cruises, with a break for lunch and time to enjoy the surrounding landscape. If you are looking for that special time of the day, the choice is between sunset (champagne included) or a moonlight cruise where you can enjoy a starry sky cruise like you 've probably never seen before. If you want lunch or dinner, Moura Encantada offers catering, gourmet dinners, drinks and snacks. The organic garden provides seasonal ingredients for a memorable dining experience. A Moura Encantada, you are just at the corner of Santa Clara, about 30kms from the cities of S. Teotónio and Vila Nova de Milfontes and about 230 km from Lisbon.