Sacas, located near a small fishing port north of Zambujeira do Mar is a restaurant with 25 years of experience, where fish is the main food of the menu. With a long tradition of the ocean, fishing tavern exudes authenticity. Manuel Maria João, also known as Sacas - because of its old habit of always wearing his pants canvas bag fishing - fishing stopped to devote himself to the passion of his wife: good food and good cooking. When he opened the tavern, he did not even have to worry about the name of the restaurant: it was immediately christened Sacas by friends and fishermen who used to eat there. In Sacas, beans can taste with limpets, shrimp, hake and clam stew and the famous steaks Ana Ti Pompano style. The fish comes directly from the place where it is sold at auction, a few meters from the restaurant, where it is bought according to tradition (the auctioneer starts at a high price and drops until someone offers) . Therefore, the fish Sacas is guaranteed to be fresh and of the highest quality. You can also try some meat dishes like steak house with mushrooms and cream or pork with Alentejo migas style. But do not leave without trying the dessert Sacas (or doce is Sacas). After a tasty meal, walk to the fishing port and feel the force of the waves of the ocean and its soft gentle breezes. Walk south along the coastal pedestrian path and you'll find several beaches before reaching the picturesque and quiet Zambujeira do Mar.