Kalaripayattu is one of the oldest traditions of martial arts in the world. In fact, many historians believe that it was the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma (Daruma to the Japanese), the founder of Zen, who was the first to be imported in the Far East. Over the centuries, the form has been extended and expanded, eventually becoming the basis of Kung Fu and other martial arts. "Kalari" means school or arena, and "payat" is a training, exercise or practice. Kalari aims to make the most competent warrior. and is therefore on the body and mind with a repertoire developed movements and exercises: There are four basic types of Kalari training, namely: the body control exercises, training with mannequins wood, the use of weapons such as swords and shields and unarmed combat. There is also a training in the use of a single weapon of Kerala, flexible deadly sword, called "Urumi" which can be concealed as a belt. Another feature of Kalari training is "Marma", the art of knowing and activate the 107 energy points in the body. They are key points to correct the flow of energy to the body and replenish its resources. Kalari aims to make the practitioner not only a warrior, but a self-healing, and one that can also help others with their healing powers. Kalari at Kovilakom, there are regular training of Kalaripayattu, held in a traditional arena overcast. So not only can you watch experts scene but you can try it yourself! Kalari simple movements are great exercises to strengthen and tone the entire body, and can make your treatments even more beneficial.