Also called the old neighborhood Ouled el Hadef Tozeur Medina is one of the best preserved Tunisia. It has a beautiful stone wall that surrounds it. We note at the entrance to the traditional stone of the region, the briquette. All walls and most administrative buildings are made ​​with this material built southwest of the city. We can also see in the factory. Just returned to the city, you will be enchanted by the charm of small alleys arched beautifully preserved. A visit is essential to understand the city. This very pleasant visit you will walk the streets of the walled Medina without having to consult a map. At the bend of a path, you will come across one of the oldest and most beautiful doors in Tunisia. This is worked palm wood. At the heart of the city, there is also the Koranic school and its imposing minaret, and the home of the Bey, governor so the corner. This house is also famous because it was used in Anthony Minghella to shoot a few scenes from The English Patient. It shows also a remarkable latticework, a kind of palm wood window, allowing women to look outside without it to be seen. The tour lasts about an hour.