The waters surrounding Lizard Island are among the most exciting fishing in the world. Pre-booking is advisable, especially during the season of the popular Black Marlin (September-December). Each year Black Marlins, some weighing 1,000 pounds or more, are taken here. Indeed, thanks to our operation of the release policy of the last ten years, your chances of catching a legendary GRANDER in these waters are probably better than anywhere else on earth! Whether you are a seasoned fisherman, or if it is your first time in the chair, your captain and crew will make your day fishing on the reef of the Great Barrier Reef a memorable experience. The famous Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic was held in October, for seven days. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you book as early as possible to stay at this time of the year. Be aware that the fishing is not permitted in the "green zones" off the island itself.

Outer Reef Fishing: The reef fishing are 50 minutes. Fish caught in the region of the Great Barrier include mackerel, tuna, trevally, mahi-mahi, sailfish and even small Black Marlin at certain times of the year. The fishing gear of the highest quality is provided.

Inner Reef Fishing: A short boat ride takes you 15 minutes in the inner areas of reef fishing. This spectacular region is composed of three reef systems, which contain an incredible variety of fish, including mackerel, Queenfish, trevally and other pelagic species.

Light Tackle Fishing: Part of the paraphernalia of the most exciting sport fishing to Lizard Island. The ship "Fascination III" is available for hire for both full-day and half-day, which can be tailored to your needs. A large number of fish caught are of superb quality and can be prepared by our chefs. What a great way to end a wonderful day fishing qur the Great Barrier Reef!